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About Jewelry Metalsmith

       Jewelry Metalsmithing is an endeavor started by husband and wife team, Gary Mills and Aline Budenstein.  Since 2005, we base our mission on old world artisanry and customer service.  We noticed a gap emerging between business conducted today and that of “the good ole days”. We do all the work, in house, ourselves. Our focus is repair and custom design with jewelry samples on hand.  Most items can be ordered anywhere from next day to a week delivery.  Custom items take from 3 to 4 weeks.  The reduction in "live goods" inventory means substantial savings passed on to you.  Our investment remains, as it should, in our tools, equipment, supplies and software.

   JM has achieved an integration of Renaissance craftsmanship with space-age technology.  With the emergence of modern laser welders and computer design programs, many repairs and jewelry items can be produced that were virtually impossible just a few years ago.

   Aline is a retired salon professional who began her jewelry career in 1999.  Passionate about jewelry, she slowly entered her husband’s family business working part-time.  Gaining valuable knowledge in all aspects of jewelry repair and manufacturing, she became a full-time shop assistant manager and bench jeweler.  She is also our 3D computer designer, trained by Gemvision in Matrix 3D software.  This gives us the ability to present you with a lifelike computer rendering of any custom design you choose.  She was awarded her certificate as a bench jeweler after attending training at the New Approach School For Jewelers.

  Gary joined his family's jewelry business in 1986 after 17 years as a contractor.  Enjoying the satisfaction of creating with his hands, he quickly learned the jewelry trade required the same amount of creativity and craftsmanship.  For the last 32 years, he has continued his education through classes, videos, books, other jewelers, symposiums and seminars.            

  Gary is an associate gemologist accredited by the  Gemological Institute of America.  He has attended the Santa Fe Symposium of Jewelry Manufacturing and Technology since its conception in 1987.  Gary trained at the New Approach School For Jewelers in hand engraving, stone setting and bench techniques and also trained at Glendo Corporation in stone setting and hand engraving using the advanced GRS bench equipment system.   Together Aline and Gary attend the annual Bench Conference for Jewelers to network and attend seminars.  Add to this his many hours of hands on, trial and error experience.  The result is a combined 41 years of commitment to gain your loyalty and trust with your jewelry and treasured keepsakes. 

   Complete Jewelry Metalsmithing is a member of the Gemological Institute of America and the Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America.

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Aline Budenstein & Gary Mills



Phone: 281-MY-BLING   (281-692-5464)

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12910 Woody Road

Pearland, Texas 77581

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